TEL AVIV, Israel, March 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Vascular Grafts Solutions (VGS) Ltd. announced today receipt of marketing clearance from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the VIOLA™, a new device for clampless proximal anastomosis in coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG). 

VIOLA™, now approved for sales in the US

Neurocognitive dysfunction remains the most devastating perioperative complication of CABG and frequently attributed to atheroembolism that originate from the ascending aorta. The VIOLA™ device minimizes aortic manipulation during on and off-pump CABG and enable cardiac surgeons to perform protected, clean, and dry proximal anastomosis without partial clamping the aorta. 

“The VIOLA™ has important design features that provide reliable and safe mechanism for constructing clampless proximal anastomoses” said Professor Gil Bolotin, Director of Cardiac Surgery Department at Rambam Medical Center, Israel. “The integrated punching mechanism, the excellent sealing quality which makes blower unnecessary and the ability to perform multiple anastomoses with a single device makes the VIOLA™ a very attractive tool in our operating room” 

“We are very excited about this important milestone”, said Eyal Orion, M.D., Founder and CEO of VGS Ltd. “Our vision has always been to advance cardiovascular surgery. We are committed to this long journey and in the last decade, we were able to develop solutions that address the biggest unmet needs in CABG: vein graft failure and perioperative neurological complications. FDA approval of the VIOLA device is a pivotal point for us. Gradually, our focus will shift from generating high quality science that shows the benefits of our technologies to making our solutions a new standard of care in CABG. I would like to thank my dedicated team and all the cardiovascular surgeons that have been working with us shoulder to shoulder to improve patients care.”  

About VGS and VIOLA

VGS is a privately held medical device company located in Tel Aviv, Israel. The company develops novel solutions in the field of cardiovascular surgery. 

VIOLA™ is a new generation of clampless proximal anastomosis system that combines a standard punching mechanism with optimal sealing during anastomosis construction. It allows surgeons to minimize aortic manipulations during proximal anastomosis suturing that can lead to neurologic complications. VIOLA™ is FDA cleared for sale in the US and CE marked.

Rotem Katzenellenbogen,
VP Business Development VGS

SOURCE Vascular Grafts Solutions